Rest In Peace (R I P)


Hi boy.. I hope u allright..
I’m missing you so much today.
remember when I’m bathing u ? remember when we chase each other and play ‘hide and seek’ ?
You scream arround then run around the house while I pretend as a hungry tiger ..
you were so happy.. laughing loudly..

maybe I was a no good for a dady..
maybe I wasn’t cerish our time together..
but now I know something missing when you are not around..

oh.. hey.. I remember when you wait me home when I was on dutty..
you were saying “where were you been dad, I miss you so much” then you hug me and kisses me..
but it wasn’t for too long until you realize that you kissed my beard and moustache, and that sure tickles.. 😛
I hope u remember me boy.. I feel peace when I’m with u boy..
I try to create peace with thoose happy memories with u boy.. miz u boy…
I really do..
Be good okay..

Love u allways,

Your dad.


11 thoughts on “Rest In Peace (R I P)

  1. I certainly have the same feeling as yours… it freaks me out.. I hope that “PS” worth a living, worth of lying, worth, of dying for… Jgn lupa besok apel pagi, salut aku km bisa apel.. seakan2 kepalaku kena gempa 6,7 SR.

  2. @tukang bengong
    hoho.. lebih keren dari gambar singa laut keluar dari air bawa kacamata renang di pulau lombok kan.. :p

    salam kenal juga 🙂

    ehhehehe.. dasar.. oh iya.. kan situ ‘boy’ juga :p

    hu-uh.. thx u, salam kenal juga

    nothing are worth for anything 🙂

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  4. @semuanya
    thx u.

    @tukang bengong (khusus)
    makasih mbah, aq baru paham maksud komennya setelah sekian lama.. emang jd berat utk melangkah.. ehhehehe.

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